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Seal Cable – Global Supply, Tailored Solutions

At Seal Cable we build relationships. Apart from being leaders in specialized cables, we have an extensive range of inventory in OGP and Marine Offshore Cables. With Agency Sales on Major Projects being our main line of work, we at Seal Cable is a one stop cable solution provider with world class technical support over and above assistance to meet our client’s anticipated needs and expectations.

Your requirement is our utmost priority. Taking into account that prompt delivery is a principal priority, our dedicated warehouse stocks over different variations of cables in a multitude of range, specifications and sizes...

Why Seal Cable

Simply articulated, it’s never about us. It’s about what you need and how we can serve you best. From specifications to logistics, your requirements are attended to all the way. We’re committed to an effective working relationship. Our product knowledge is just the beginning. By closely studying your every criterion, we learn to understand your needs from cable specification, delivery schedule, technical support and even logistical requirement. Deadlines, and optimized paperwork all equate to an old school principal that reads ‘our word is our bond’.

Seal Cable