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Hi-Flex HF-100C PUR Screened Cable

Hi-Flex HF-100C PUR Screened Cable
Hi-Flex HF-100C PUR Screened Cable 
Ideal for use in cable chains as well as for free movement that will provide a long-term solution to many regular flexing applications. This is due to the use of fleece tapes screen and talcum to enable the core bundle and the screening braid to move easily as the cable flexes without any damage causes.
Fine copper wire strands to BS6360/IEC 60228 Class 6. Black polyolefin insulation with white numbers. A green/yellow earth core is included in cables with more than 2 cores. Cores twisted in layers & textile taped. Grey PVC bedding. Fleece tape. Tinned copper wire braid. Fleece wrap. Textured grey polyurethane outer sheath to RAL 7001.
Technical Information
Operating Voltage:

300/500V (Working)

3kV (Test)

Bending Radius: Flexing: 5xOD
Operating Temperature: Flexing: -30oC to +80oC
Current Rating: According to IEE Regs Table 4F3A&B
Stranding: BS 6360 / IEC 60228 Class 6 & VDE 0295 Table 4
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Technical Data
Part No. Size (mm2) OD (mm)
SC22500502 2x0,5 8,2
SC22500503 3x0,5 8,9
SC22500504 4x0,5 9,1
SC22500505 5x0,5 9,6
SC22500507 7x0,5 10,8
SC22500512 12x0,5 13,1
SC22500518 18x0,5 14,8
SC22500520 20x0,5 14,9
SC22500525 25x0,5 17,8
SC22500527 27x0,5 18,0
SC22500530 30x0,5 18,1
SC22500536 36x0,5 18,6
SC22500702 2x0,75 8,5
SC22500703 3x0,75 8,9
SC22500704 4x0,75 9,9
SC22500705 5x0,75 10,5
SC22500707 7x0,75 11,7
SC22500712 12x0,75 13,7
SC22500718 18x0,75 15,5
SC22500720 20x0,75 16,3
SC22500725 25x0,75 18,9
SC22500727 27x0,75 19,0
SC22500730 30x0,75 19,0
SC22500736 36x0,75 20,4
SC22501002 2x1,0 8,9
SC22501003 3x1,0 9,2
SC22501004 4x1,0 9,7
SC22501005 5x1,0 10,5
SC22501007 7x1,0 12,7
SC22501012 12x1,0 14,9
SC22501018 18x1,0 16,9
SC22501020 20x1,0 16,9
SC22501025 25x1,0 21,0
SC22501027 27x1,0 21,1
SC22501030 30x1,0 21,2
SC22501036 36x1,0 22,5
SC22501502 2x1,5 10,2
SC22501503 3x1,5 10,9
SC22501504 4x1,5 11,8
SC22501505 5x1,5 12,0
SC22501507 7x1,5 13,9
SC22501512 12x1,5 17,0
SC22501518 18x1,5 20,3
SC22501520 20x1,5 20,9
SC22501525 25x1,5 24,1
SC22501527 27x1,5 24,4
SC22501530 30x1,5 24,8
SC22501536 36x1,5 27,0
SC22502503 3x2,5 11,7
SC22502504 4x2,5 12,7
SC22502505 5x2,5 13,6
SC22502507 7x2,5 15,9
SC22502512 12x2,5 18,1
SC22502518 18x2,5 20,9
SC22506004 4x6,0 20,4