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CW 1308 LSZH Internal Telephone Cable

CW 1308 LSZH Internal Telephone Cable
CW 1308 LSZH Internal Telephone Cable 
Manufactured in accordance with British Telecom CW1308 specification but the insulation and sheath compounds have been changed to low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) thermoplastics to remove any poisonous halogens gas in the event of a fire.



Solid copper conductor, coloured core identification Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulation, twisted into pairs, ripcord, Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket, white. Earth core in cables with 10 pairs or more.
Technical Information
Conductor Diameter:


Earth: 1,38mm

Max. Conductor Resistant:

97,8 Ohm/km

12,4 Ohm/km

Max. Capacitance Unbalance: 500 pF/km
Operating Temperature: 0oC to +70oC
Min. Bending Radius: 8xOD (Fixed)
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Technical Data
Part No. No. of Pair Weight (kg/km) OD (mm)
SC30802H 2 22 4,5
SC30803H 3 31 5,0
SC30804H 4 34 5,8
SC30806H 6 50 6,8
SC30810EH 10+E 102 8,6
SC308B10E 10+E 100 11,0
SC30820EH 20+E 161 12,0
SC308B20E 20+E 160 14,0
SC308B50E 50+E 330 17,0
SC30850EH 50+E 352 17,0
SC308100EH 100+E 687 27,0