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Unscreened Multicore Data Cable

Unscreened Multicore Data Cable
Unscreened Multicore Data Cable 
Frequently used in audio, bus, data, security and instrumentation applications. These cables also come with PE sheaths for running in ducts or in SWA armour for direct burial. Low Smoke Zero Halogen versions are available where indicated or upon request. The material for insulation and sheath can be replace by those that do not emit halogens and toxic smoke.
Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulation, cores twisted into pairs, and pairs laid together, clear tape, PVC grey sheath.
Technical Information
Operating Voltage: 300V





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Technical Data
Part No. Alt. to Belden No. of Core AWG CSA (mm2) Weight (kg/km) OD (mm) Capacitance (uF/km)
SC2203CUY 9491 3 22(7) 0,35 32 4,9 85
SC2204CUYH 8444 NH 4 22(7) 0,35 34 5,1 111