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Interbus Cable

Interbus Cable
Interbus Cable 
The open ring topology allows integration of different field devices from control level to sensor switches within a system. Unlike traditional ring systems Interbus uses one cable to route data back and forth to all devices. Each device will amplify the signal before sending it to the next station. The data is transmitted via a 3 pair screened cable.

Three Pair

Plain copper conductors 0,22mm2, PE insulation, cores twisted into pairs, pairs bunched and polyester taped, copper wire braid, PVC sheath on static cables and a PUR sheath on dynamic cables.

Three Pair + Power

Data Cores: Plain copper conductors 0,22mm2, PE insulated & twisted into pairs.

Power Cores: Plain copper conductors 1,0mm2 PE insulation. Cores and pairs bunched together, polyester tape, copper wire braid, PUR sheath.
Technical Information
Operating Voltage: 300V
Operating Temperature:

Fixed: -30oC to +70oC

Flexing: -5oC to +50oC

Velocity of Propagation: 66% (Data Pairs)
Capacitance: C/S: 51pF/m
Nominal Impedance: 100 Ohm





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Technical Data
Part No. Alt. to Belden Size (AWG) Sheath OD (mm) Weight (kg/km) Application Screened
SC2403/3POBP-HF 3119A 3x2x0,22 & 3x1,0 PUR 9,3 85 Dynamic with remote power YES
SC2403POBP   3x2x0,22 PVC 8,0 72 Static YES
SC2403POBP-HF 3102A 3x2x0,22 PUR 8,2 72 Dynamic YES