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Profibus Cable

Profibus Cable
Profibus Cable 
Used in process and field communication in cell networks. Been widely adopted for production and process automation applications providing transmission rates up to 12Mbits/sec.

Static Cables

Plain copper conductors 0,64mm (22AWG), foamed PE with a hard skin insulation, synthetic bedding, aluminium foil screen & tinned copper wire braid – 60% coverage, thermoplastic or thermosetting sheath.

Dynamic Cables

Plain copper conductors 0,25mm2 Foamed PE with a hard skin insulation, cores laid up with fillers and a polyester tape, aluminium foil screen & tinned copper wire braid – 60% coverage, polyurethane (PUR) sheath.
Technical Information  
Operating Voltage: 300V  
Operating Temperature: -40oC to +60oC
Nominal Impedance: 150 Ohms
Capacitance at 1Hz: 28,5nF/m  
Velocity of Propagation: 78%  
Attenuation: kHz db/100m
  4 22
  9,6 2,5
  16 42



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Technical Data
Part No. Alt. to Belden No. of Pairs Conductor Diameter(mm) Sheath FastConn / Quickstrip Weight (kg/km) OD (mm) Application
SC2201PODF 3079A 1 0,64 PVC Yes 62 8,0 Static
SC2201PODFHA SWA 1 0,64 LSZH No 188 11,5 Static
SC2201PODFHQ LSZH 1 0,64 LSZH Yes 64 8,0 Static
SC2201PODFD DUCT 1 0,64 LDPE No 88 9,5 Wet/outdoor static
SC2201PODFHF Hi-FLEX 1 0,64 PUR No 78 8,3 Dynamic
SC2201PODF7 3079E 1 0,64 PVC No 65 8,0 European type static
SC2201PODFHT HiTEMP 1 0,64 FEP No 64 7,2 High Temperature