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Fibre Optic Cable

Fibre Optic Cable
Fibre Optic Cable 
Use to transmit large amounts of data in high speed over much greater bandwidths compare to traditional copper cables. Widely been use in industrial and commercial applications. There a wide range of construction depending on the application and environment. It can be single mode or multimode transmission in a loose tube or tight-buffered fiber design. Also available with a variety of sheath materials and mechanical armours.












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Classification of Fibre Core
Fibre Size Fibre grade Fibre Mode Attenuation db/km at 1310nm Attenuation db/km at 1550nm
9/125 OS2 Single mode

Loose tube: 0,36

Tight buffered: 0,38

Loose tube: 0,22

Tight buffered: 0,28








Fibre Size Fibre grade Fibre Mode Attenuation db/km at 1310nm Attenuation db/km at 1550nm
50/125 OM2 Multimode 500 500
50/125 OM3 Multimode 1500 500
50/125 OM4 Multimode 3500 500
62,5/125 OM1 (L) Multimode 200 500
62,5/125 OM1 (M) Multimode 300 800








Technical Data
Part No. Size (Core x um) Grade Sheath Weight (kg/km) OD (mm)
Internal – Tight Buffered
SCF902TIH 2x9/125 OS2 LSZH 14 4,2
SCF904TIH 4x9/125 OS2 LSZH 21 5,6
SCF908TIH 8x9/125 OS2 LSZH 30 6,1
SCF912TIH 12x9/125 OS2 LSZH 38 7,0
SCF5202TIH 2x50/125 OM2 LSZH 14 4,2
SCF5204TIH 4x50/125 OM2 LSZH 21 5,6
SCF5208TIH 8x50/125 OM2 LSZH 30 6,1
SCF5212TIH 12x50/125 OM2 LSZH 38 7,0
SCF6L02TIH 2x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 14 4,2
SCF6L04TIH 4x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 21 5,6
SCF6L08TIH 8x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 30 6,1
SCF6L12TIH 12x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 38 7,0
Universal – Loose Tube
SCF904LUH 4x9/125 OS2 LSZH 42 7,0
SCF908LUH 8x9/125 OS2 LSZH 46 7,0
SCF912LUH 12x9/125 OS2 LSZH 48 7,0
SCF924LUH 24x9/125 OS2 LSZH 55 7,5
SCF5204LUH 4x50/125 OM2 LSZH 42 7,0
SCF5206LUH 6x50/125 OM2 LSZH 46 7,0
SCF5212LUH 12x50/125 OM2 LSZH 48 7,0
SCF5224LUH 24x50/125 OM2 LSZH 55 7,5
SCF6L04LUH 4x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 42 7,0
SCF6L06LUH 6x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 46 7,0
SCF6L12LUH 12x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 48 7,0
SCF6L24LUH 24x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LSZH 55 7,5
External – Loose Tube
SCF912LD 12x9/125 OS2 LDPE 38 7,0
SCF924LD 24x9/125 OS2 LDPE 43 7,5
SCF5212LD 12x50/125 OM2 LDPE 38 7,0
SCF5224LD 24x50/125 OM2 LDPE 43 7,5
SCF6L12LD 12x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LDPE 38 7,0
SCF6L24LD 24x62,5/125 OM1 (L) LDPE 43 7,5




































Multiple loose tube versions are available up to 144 cores; please call for a data sheet.

For mechanical armour please suffix the part number with:

CA = Corrugated Steel Tape (CST)

A = Galvanized Single Wire Armour (GSWA)

BA = Galvanized Steel Wire Braid (GSWB)

Multimode fiber grades OM1 (M), OM4 are available on request.

Sheath colours can vary, please specify at time of order if you have a preference.

Hydrocarbon resistant versions also available on request.