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Trusound DMX Cable

Trusound DMX Cable
Trusound DMX Cable 
Ensure accurate transmission of digital AES/EBU audio signals and digital DMX control signals; and are used widely in the entertainment industry. Designed to work normally between 90ohm and 120ohm impedance. The level of shielding enables interference-free transmission even over long distances.
Technical Information
Conductor Resistance: Less than 87,2 Ohm/km
Capacitance: C/C : 47pF/m
Impedance: 110 Ohm
Test Voltage:

Core to Core: 1200V

Core to Screen: 500V

Operating Temperature: -20oC to +70oC
Attenuation: MHz db/100m
  1 2,3
  3 3,9
  10 6,9
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Technical Data
Part No. No. of Cores x mm2 Stranding (mm) Weight (kg/km) OD (mm)
SCTSD02010 1x2x0,22 7x0,20 50 6,0
SCTSD02020 2x2x0,22 7x0,20 75 8,0