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Multi Core Silicon Insulated Cable

Multi Core Silicon Insulated Cable
Multi Core Silicon Insulated Cable 
Most suited to high or low temperature applications, these cables will work between -60oC and +180oC. In the event of fire they produce minimal smoke or fumes and can be used to wire public buildings. Options include a galvanised steel wire braid for mechanical protection or a tinned copper wire braid for screening against EMI. Generally used within industry include plastic forming and moulding, packaging, food processing, refrigeration, furnaces and lighting.

SiHF: Fine tinned copper wire strands with silicone rubber insulation, cores twisted together, Reddish brown silicone rubber outer sheath (Some sizes available with black or white sheaths or an overall glass fiber braid).

SiHFP: Fine tinned copper wire strands with silicone rubber insulation, cores twisted together, Reddish brown silicone rubber sheath. Glass fiber tape with an overall galvanized steel wire braid.

SiHF-C-Si: Fine tinned copper wire strands with silicone rubber insulation; cores twisted together, Reddish brown silicone rubber inner sheath or polyester tape, Tinned copper wire braid, Reddish brown silicone rubber sheath.

Technical Information  
Operating Voltage: Working: 300/500V Test: 3000V
Operating Temperature:

Flexing: -25oC to +180oC

Static: -60oC to +180oC

Bending Radius SiHF:

Flexing: 15xOD

Static: 7,5xOD

Braided Cables:

Flexing: 20xOD

Static: 10xOD

Current Rating: Refer to IEE Regs Table 4F2A&B and 4F3A&B
Stranding: Flexible cables to IEC 60228 Class 5 & VDE 0295 Class 5
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Technical Data
Part No. Size (mm2 OD (mm)
SC47100702 2x0,75 6,3
SC47100703 3x0,75 7,0
SC47100704 4x0,75 7,7
SC47100705 5x0,75 8,5
SC47101520 20x1,5 21
SC47101524 24x1,5 23
SC47102502 2x2,5 9,5
SC47102503 3x2,5 10,5
SC47101002 2x1,0 7,0
SC47101003 3x1,0 7,5
SC47101004 4x1,0 8,0
SC47101005 5x1,0 9,0
SC47101006 6x1,0 10,5
SC47101007 7x1,0 10,5
SC47101502 2x1,5 8,0
SC47101503 3x1,5 8,5
SC47101504 4x1,5 9,0
SC47101505 5x1,5 10,0
SC47101506 6x1,5 10,5
SC47101507 7x1,5 10,5
SC47101508 8x1,5 12,0
SC47101510 10x1,5 14,5
SC47101512 12x1,5 16,0
SC47101516 16x1,5 19,5
SC47101518 18x1,5 20,0
SC47102504 4x2,5 11,5
SC47102505 5x2,5 13,0
SC47102507 7x2,5 14,0
SC47102512 12x2,5 19,0
SC47104002 2x4,0 11,0
SC47104003 3x4,0 11,5
SC47104004 4x4,0 13,0
SC47104005 5x4,0 14,5
SC47104007 7x4,0 16,0
SC47106002 2x6,0 12,0
SC47106003 3x6,0 13,0
SC47106004 4x6,0 14,0
SC47106005 5x6,0 16,0
SC47106007 7x6,0 17,5
SC47110004 4x10 20,0
SC47116004 4x16 22,0
SC47125004 4x25 28,0
SiHFP – Steel Braided Armour
SC48100702 2x0,75 8,0
SC48100703 3x0,75 8,5
SC48100704 4x0,75 9,5
SC48100705 5x0,75 10,0
SC48100706 6x0,75 11,0
SC48100707 7x0,75 11,0
SC48101002 2x1,0 8,5
SC48101003 3x1,0 9,0
SC48101004 4x1,0 10,0
SC48101005 5x1,0 10,5
SC48101006 6x1,0 11,5
SC48101007 7x1,0 11,5
SC48101502 2x1,5 9,0
SC48101503 3x1,5 9,5
SC48101504 4x1,5 11,0
SC48101505 5x1,5 12,0
SC48101506 6x1,5 13,0
SC48101507 7x1,5 13,0
SC48101508 8x1,5 14,5
SC48101510 10x1,5 16,0
SC48101512 12x1,5 17,5
SC48101516 16x1,5 21,0
SC48101518 18x1,5 21,5
SC48101520 20x1,5 22,5
SC48101524 24x1,5 24,5
SC48102502 2x2,5 11,0
SC48102503 3x2,5 12,0
SC48102504 4x2,5 13,0
SC48102505 5x2,5 14,5
SC48102507 7x2,5 15,5
SC48102512 12x2,5 20,5
SC48104002 2x4,0 12,5
SC48104003 3x4,0 13,0
SC48104004 4x4,0 14,5
SC48104005 5x4,0 16,0
SC48104007 7x4,0 17,5
SC48106002 2x6,0 13,5
SC48106003 3x6,0 14,5
SC48106004 4x6,0 15,5
SC48106005 5x6,0 17,5
SC48106007 7x6,0 19,0
SC48110004 4x10 21,5
SC48116004 4x16 23,5
SC48125004 4x25 30,0
SiHF-C-Si – Copper Braided Screen
SC49100703 3x0,75 9,5
SC49100704 4x0,75 10,1
SC49100705 5x0,75 10,7
SC49100707 7x0,75 11,6
SC49101002 2x1,0 9,4
SC49101003 3x1,0 9,7
SC49101004 4x1,0 10,3
SC49101005 5x1,0 11,2
SC49101007 7x1,0 11,9
SC49101503 3x1,5 11,0
SC49101504 4x1,5 11,9
SC49101505 5x1,5 13,2
SC49101507 7x1,5 14,2
SC49101512 12x1,5 18,0
SC49102504 4x2,5 14,2
SC49102507 7x2,5 16,8