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Type I4-Collective Triad

Type I4-Collective Triad
Type I4-Collective Triad  
Used for transmission of signals in control systems. Provide good electromagnetic protection from external influence, flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1 and fire Retardant according to IEC 60332-3. This cable also has excellent mechanical protection during laying, installation and service. With Flameproof characteristic, these cables are highly recommended in areas with high explosion or fire risk. Extra pulling force where the armour can be used to pull the cable.

High conductivity copper conductor, according to IEC 60228, PVC insulation, Collective Aluminium bonded to polyester tape with drain wire, PVC bedding, Galvanized steel wire armour (GSWA), PVC outer sheath.












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Technical Data
Size mm2 Core Diameter, mm Overall Diameter,mm Weight, kg/km Bending Radius, mm DC Resistant at 20oC, Ω/km
1x3x1,0 2,5 12,2 261 122 18,4
1x3x1,5 2,9 13,8 381 138 12,3
6x3x1,5 2,9 26,2 1035 262 12,3