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Genlis-R H07V-U

Genlis-R H07V-U
Genlis-R H07V-U  
Recommended for transporting power in domestic or industrial environments as they are installed in surface-mounted or built-in conductors or similar enclosed systems. Insulated by a thermoplastic mixture in two totally adhered concentric layers as per the SPEEDY-SKIN co extrusion system for a lower friction factor and, therefore, maximum slide when drawing the cable inside the tube. This cable provides efficiency and timesaving during installation.
Rigid copper conductor class 1 to IEC 60228, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation. 
Technical Information
Operating Voltage: 450/750V
Stranding: Generally to IEC 60228 Class 1
Operating Temperature: +70oC
Flame Retardant: IEC 60332-1, EN 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, EN 50266
Standard Manufacture: HD 21.3 (CENELEC)
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Technical Data
Part No. Size (mm2) OD (mm) Weight (kg/km) Bending Radius (mm)
SC1172106 1x1,5 2,8 20 20
SC1172107 1x2,5 3,3 35 20
SC1172108 1x4 3,8 50 25
SC1172109 1x6 4,3 65 30
SC1172110 1x10 5,6 115 35