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Flat PVC Cable

Flat PVC Cable
Flat PVC Cable 
These cables offer good low temperature durability. Due to their lightweight, they are preferred by designers as well as the their  tight bending radius ability of 10 times the cable thickness. Mainly used within buildings however these cables are not suitable for use in elevators.
Fine copper wire strands to IEC 60228 class 5. PVC insulation, colour coded for cables with 2-5 cores, six cores and above black PVC insulation with white numbers. A green/yellow earth conductor is included. Cores laid parallel. Black cold resistant PVC outer sheath.
Technical Information
Operating Voltage:

300/500V for 0.75 & 1mm2

450/750V for 1.5 to 50mm2

Bending Radius: Flexing: 10xOD
Operating Temperature:

Flexing: -15oC to +70oC

Stranding: According to IEC 60228 Class 5
Current Rating: According to IEE Regs Table 4F3A&B
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Technical Data
Part No. Size (mm2) Weight (kg/km) OD (mm)
SC58100712 12x0,75 260 4,2x33,8
SC58100718 18x0,75 380 4,2x50,2
SC58100724 24x0,75 490 4,2x65,6
SC58101005 5x1,0 120 4,4x15,5
SC58101008 8x1,0 205 4,4x24,8
SC58101012 12x1,0 335 9,5x22,5
SC58101016 16x1,0 465 9,5x28,7
SC58101018 18x1,0 450 4,4x53,8
SC58101024 24x1,0 590 4,4x70,4
SC58101504 4x1,5 170 4,5x13,6
SC58101505 5x1,5 190 4,5x18,2
SC58101507 7x1,5 220 4,5x23,9
SC58101508 8x1,5 270 4,9x27,2
SC58101510 10x1,5 320 4,9x34,0
SC58101512 12x1,5 390 4,9x39,8
SC58101518 18x1,5 670 4,9x61,6
SC58101524 24x1,5 790 4,9x82,0
SC58102504 4x2,5 200 5,6x16,8
SC58102505 5x2,5 260 5,6x22,0
SC58102507 7x2,5 350 5,6x29,2
SC58102508 8x2,5 390 5,6x32,8
SC58102510 10x2,5 490 6,0x41,4
SC58102512 12x2,5 580 6,0x48,6
SC58102524 24x2,5 1200 6,0x104
SC58104004 4x4,0 320 7,0x21,2
SC58104005 5x4,0 400 7,0x27,4
SC58104007 7x4,0 540 7,0x36,6
SC58106004 4x6,0 432 8,2x24,8
SC58110004 4x10 680 10,0x29,6
SC58116004 4x16 970 11,2x34,4
SC58125004 4x25 1490 13,7x42,6
SC58135004 4x35 1980 15,4x47,6
SC58150004 4x50 2800 18,2x57,5